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Lawn Care

Understanding your Florida lawn is very important to achieve that healthy lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. We are here to provide you with those services and advice performed can make a significant difference in your lawns appearance.

Mechanical practices include watering and cutting. These two issues are some of the major issues most homeowners will face. Florida lawns should never be cut with less than 3” of the grass blade remaining. Cutting shorter than that can reduce your lawns ability to recover from stresses due to cold weather or excessive amounts of rain.

Lawn Care

Likewise cutting your lawn when it is wet is also not conductive for a healthy lawn. These are just a few items of the many that may affect the appearance of your lawn. Feel free at any time to call me for an appointment to give you an evaluation of you lawn or suggestions regarding its appearance or care.

Some of the insects that may affect you lawn are chinch bugs, lawn moths, or grubs. We are trained to control these insects and use the best available products to control them. At the onset of a decline in your lawns appearance we suggest you call so that we can diagnose and recommend curative procedures for you.

Fertilizing your lawn is also important to maintaining a healthy lawn. We can provide you with those services as well. With all the new fertilizing ordinances enacted in the last couple of years it is important to know what you can use and when.

We can provide you with many tips and procedures or get the lush lawn that you want and provide a custom program for all of your service needs. Please give us a call for a no obligation quote.